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Robert Mondavi Syrah 2007

Pleasant taste, goes great with good company. The empty bottle can be used to rid the property of bad company.         Gulp/GC

Smooth and less like gambling; its a sure bet.          Gulp/LC

Price:   $15


I got nauseous, and the wife got wasted.  This is the second grossest thing I ever put to my lips.  The amount of gas you will get from drinking this - makes it a candidate for alternate fuel.    Gag/GC

Orin Swift Cellars 'The Prisoner', Red Wine,  Napa Valley 2009

Spicy and complex...yet smooth and pleasant.  It has a very good bouquet. Too pricey  Gulp/LC

Price:   $40

Menage Trois

This one is like licking cheese off an old person.  By the time I got done chewing the tannin, I was ready to fuckin kill someone.     Gag/GC

A bit like liquefied cardboard, flavored with electric tape.   Reminded me of driinking my grandpas' bathwater.            Gag/LC

Price:   $10

Bacchusfeuer Gluhwein 

Sweet, with holiday spices, served warm...I really like this one.        Gulp/GC

Smooth and fruity, not too sweet.  There is a hint of apple.   Very Good           Gulp/LC

Price:   $25